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  • Subscribe to Your Favorite Label and unlock their entire Catalog

  • SubScribe to an Artist and unlock their label's entire Catalog

  • Decide if you want to support your favorite artist or label monthly or Annually 

  • Hop on and off at your leisure! Monthly Support starts as low as $2.99/month

  • It's the ulitmate "record of the MOnth" Club, but for Everything!

Humbolt is a life hack, pay for the music you want, reward the artists and labels you choose, and automatically enter in for gifts on us

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Ethical MUsic Streaming:

Humbolt is a music discovery platform dedicated solely to independent music.

We focus on artist and label growth by providing a platform that allows them to stream their catalogs and exclusive content directly to their audience in exchange for their support.

We believe that every artist, label, sub-genre should be able to benefit directly from their fans without distraction from heavily marketed mainstream services.

Simply put, we like the weird sh!t...

- Humbolt

 Support Local Music

Support Local Music

Support Emerging Artists

Now you can not only stream your favorite, more well known artists, but you can also provide true patronage towards up and coming artists normally burried under all the noise of mainstream music.

 Support Ruby Boots on Bloodshot Records

Support Ruby Boots on Bloodshot Records

Support Your Favorite Artists/Labels

Humbolt is about supporting independnet artists and labels. The lion's share of every  transaction is injected back into the indie ecosystem. It's about giving back!

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